October 2012
Start of the test operation of IBC-1000
November 2012
The introduction of extension modules MUIO-II and MREL
February 2013
Introducing the IBC-100 ( new for 2013 )
August 2012
Integration of IBC-1000 in the SBI - Secure Building Intelligence
April 2013
Module MBEE introduction. The module provides connecting devices with a
wireless interface without affecting the wiring ( new for 2013 )
May 2013
New control system web site about IBC-series with a with friendly user interface. Introduction of property visualization and monitoring on new web page. More information on the website.
June 2013
Wrote about us ..
January - February  2014
Modify "DIGITAL BRAIN" core of the IBC system , new evaluatiuon matrix , upgrade speed , new configuration program.
December 2013
New module (MRFID) for connect RFID readers. Eight readers per one modul.
Video presentation of the Intelligent Building Controller.technology.
December 2013
May  2014
Integration interface X10 devices which are controlled by signals transmitted over network 230V, which allows the integration of IBC to the original wiring without having to change them (dimmers, switching modules, motion detectors)